Ace chemie (India)

5 Diamond Centre, Ground Floor
L.B.S. Marg, Near Vikhroli Telephone Exchange
Vikhroli (West)
400022 Mumbai

Phone: +91 22 67969106

Stand: A / A-227

Our High Quality Zinc Oxide Grades, Gold Grade (White Seal) and Platinum Grade (Pharma Grade) with customisable specifications to suit every users particular needs. And also Introducing the all new Spl Ceramic Grade Zinc Oxide this March 2016

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Raw materials for the manufacture of glaze


Launching Special Ceramic Grade ZINC OXIDE

Introducing the all new Special Ceramic Grade ZINC OXIDE with specifications best suited to to be used in Frites manufacturing and for Glazing tiles. A very important use of zinc oxide is in glass and ceramics, where the main role is as a fluxing agent in the preparation of frits and enamels for ceramic wall and floor tiles, or of enamels for sanitary and tableware ceramic objects. Having this in mind, our SPL CERAMIC GRADE ZINC OXIDE is specifically manufactured to be used specially for the production of frits, artistic glasses or enamels using our different qualities of indirect grade, depending on the chemical quality requested.