Launching Special Ceramic Grade ZINC OXIDE
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
Introducing the all new Special Ceramic Grade ZINC OXIDE with specifications best suited to to be used in Frites manufacturing and for Glazing tiles. A very important use of zinc oxide is in glass and ceramics, where the main role is as a fluxing agent in the preparation of frits and enamels for ceramic wall and floor tiles, or of enamels for sanitary and tableware ceramic objects. Having this in mind, our SPL CERAMIC GRADE ZINC OXIDE is specifically manufactured to be used specially for the production of frits, artistic glasses or enamels using our different qualities of indirect grade, depending on the chemical quality requested.
Ace chemie (India)
Introducing Compounds, Fritta Inks. One stop clearing, accounting warehousing and Forwarding Facilities in India.
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
1.Compounds for PGVT, parking tiles, Floor, wall. Engobe, Middle and Top Glaze. Water proof Engobe for DFF tiles. Granilla and special products for Floor and GVT. Using imported Fritta Material.
2. Fritta Frits for your wall, Floor and compounding needs.
3. Fritta Inks, Special effect luster, reactive, for digital decoration via print heads.
4. New offers of warehousing and Forwarding for international customer. Storage, Inventory Management, Tax Compliance, Customs Clearing, Invoicing, Payment Collection, Accounting, etc for customer. (Specially for spares, engineering products and machinery)
Acme Specialties
we have introduce a high quality Alumina Balls and Lining in both 92% and 68%, we are also dealing in local manufacturing Mid Balls give you quick delivery and best price
Aeon International
High Temperature Ceramic Roller
Heat treatment / Refractories
Aeon International is introducing High temperature Ceramic Roller with Best Quality and Competitive price first time in India with Having Longest Roller of 6000 mm
Aeon International
APAR Industries now offers the entire range of ENI Lubricants
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
ENI Lubricants is Italy’s No. 1 Oil Company, Ranked 17th in Fortune 500 list of Companies. Among Top 10 Petroleum companies in the world. APAR Industries Ltd, a 55 years old, Rs.5500 Crore Group has tied up with ENI, Italy for manufacturing & marketing the entire range of World Famous ENI Lubricants.

Products include :- Premium Hydraulic oil 46, 68 viscosity for Ceramic Presses, Premium Ashless Hydraulic oil 46 viscosity for Ceramic Presses. Gear oils 320 for Plant Machinery, Grease 0, 00 for Polishing machine, High Temperature Greases & Multi Purpose Greases.
APAR Industries Ltd (ENI Lubricants Division)
Robotized pressure casting machine
With the new versions of automated high pressure casting lines, we offer considerable increases to productivity and a greater flexibility. This unit has been created in order to work 7/24.
Beside the pressure casting head, this all-in-one line is equipped with a robot to unload the press, a dryer and a finishing unit. This line fits perfectly for high labour cost markets. These lines can be used for tableware and technical ceramics.
Rotative spray glazing machine
Glazing Decorating / Surface Treatment
This machine is designed to glaze ceramic articles of different sizes by spray gun, with a production rate of up to 600 p/h. It sprays a 2-colour glazing with a very precise border and a homogenous colour glazing. Its mobile booths allow easy cleaning and quick colour change. The very precise spraying also enables to make colour savings.
As part of the Company’s strategic policy to develop ‘greener’ machinery, Craven Fawcett’s new range of Centex and Centrim extruders have significantly increased the production of large format hollow blocks, but kept energy consumption constant, when compared to the previous design. The innovative new design will allow the extrusion of multi-hollow blocks up to 6 blocks wide.

An expanded extrusion chamber, larger diameter worm sections, and a larger and longer barrel, are a few of the developments implemented on the extruders. The extruders also include independently driven packer shafts, which are used to pack the clay into the main extruder worm, and avoid the clay from spilling over. This means more power is available to the gearbox without increasing the motor size. The ability to vary the speed and power of each packer shaft ensures much greater control of the clay and easier maintenance, all of which contributes to the extruder operating more effectively.
Craven Fawcett Limited
Glaze Spraying Solution
Glazing Decorating / Surface Treatment
We are mfg. of Glaze Spraying Equipment, Spray Guns, Sanitaryware Glaze Spraying Booth, Automatic Spray Gun, Air Blow Guns, Glaze Spraying Spray Guns
De-Vilsun Enterprise
ISOCUP 1 – Isostatically based cup production system
DORST TECHNOLOGIES presents a new and world-wide unique process for the production of mugs and cups, including handle, by isostatic pressing.

Decades of experience in isostatic dry pressing of flat-ware formed the basis for this innovation. The company managed to re-interpret and advance this known forming technology and eventually transfer it onto monolithic pressing of cups including handle.

The new forming process has a high analogy to isostatic flatware pressing and, as compared with existing processes, opens up high saving potentials with regard to the preparation and the provision of material, its forming and the necessary production and storage areas. In addition, potential sources of error in the production process are eliminated, coupled with increased reproducibility. All told, the new process from DORST TECHNOLOGIES provides an innovative option for the economic production of cups including handles.

As of now and the year round, a team of engineers, process and tool specialists and a test machine are available for consulting, test-runs and project planning at the DORST-own Technology Center in Kochel am See.
Dorst Technologies GmbH & Co. KG
Super White Bentonite
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
Esan introduces its supreme White Bentonite (E BNT) for Tile Industries with very benefical uses as follows;
- Superior Plasticity but inferior costs: With small additions of Esan White Bentonite in Vitrified tile body, Dry M.O.R is increased drastically as it has very high plasticity compared to Ball Clays.
- Outstanding white firing properities: With very low impurities such as Fe2O3 and TiO2, E BNT has very white and clean firing color. At this regard, by small additions, it does not lower the firing color of tiles, rather enhances the whiteness of body.
Esan Eczacibasi Industrial Raw Materials Co.
Pure Sodium Feldspar
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
With the help of low Fe2O3 and TiO2 content, Esan Na-Feldpsar offer high whiteness for ceramic industry. Addition to that, high Alkali content (Na2O min 10,0%) increase the melting ability, while reducing energy costs.
Esan Eczacibasi Industrial Raw Materials Co.
Wall Tiles Biscuit Polishing Machine
Raw materials and additives, materials and aids
We are launched Wall Tiles Polishing Machine first time in India. It;s save 20% to 25% Glaze and better flatness.
Face Impex Pvt. Ltd.
GoodRich MAGMA Limited is promoting automatic clay brick making plants in India, manufactured by PLINFA Ceramic Technologies, Ukraine. PLINFA has supplied more than 900 clay brick plants worldwide.
Plant Construction / Engineering,/ Dust Extraction / Filtering
India is the only developing country in the world that produces bricks by hand, while rest of the world uses clay processing machinery. China has more than 5,000 automatic clay brick plants & Russia (including other CIS countries) has more than 1,400. On the other hand, Indian clay brick industry is highly unorganised, with 1,00,000 brick fields making 14,000 crore bricks per year. The quality is poor with large variations in size, low strength & high water absorption. The handmade brick industry has become uneconomical now, due to high cost of production & the shortage of seasonal labour. Hence, there is a potential to set up at least 1,000 automatic clay brick making projects in India, in the next 10 years.

Investments on the mechanized clay brick projects range from Rs. 18 crores to Rs. 25 crores and the pay-back periods are from 2 to 3 years. The clay brick project provides a safe investment opportunity with a proven technology, for mass production of a highly demanded product.
GoodRich MAGMA Industrial Technologies Limited
ICCTAS new objective and activity
Publishers / associations / organization
The Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitaryware is a registered body, founded in 1990 and based in Delhi, India. The purpose of ICCTAS is to spread awareness on the benefits and attributes of ceramic tiles and sanitaryware, and work towards establishing standards in quality, service and customer orientation in the industry.
ICCTAS aims at providing, through its member manufacturing companies, high quality ceramic tiles and sanitaryware to consumers at reasonable prices. The service and quality responsibility is only taken by companies who manufacture well-known branded products.
Indian Council Of Ceramic Tiles And Sanitaryware (ICCTAS)
Glaze, Applications and Glue
Digital Printing & Technology
Experience Inkera Inkjet Inks, "your Digital Partner".

Inkera offers new benefits to the Indian tile industry, fine nano-inks, Italian design, Indian engineering, all in an industry leading performance package.

Your company will enjoy all the advantages of the digital world in the most efficient and profitable way. That is why we propose to be your digital partner, a partner with a strong basis and with a innovative and competitive vocation. For you to start getting the maximum performance, we offer you the perfect solution for the systems of digital decoration:

1. Chromaticera with a wider & intense range of colors.

2. Glaze, Application & Glue era with new decorative possibilities.

We are strong, committed to the technology and development, and with a clear vision where digital ceramic decoration and the tile market is growing rapidly. Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of our years of experience, our local presence and our commercial advantage.
Inkera Inkjet Inks